Social media how-to

platform-long-by-jose-rodriguez.jpgChildren’s authors need a platform, and social media is where to build one. If you’ve got platform problems, you may find some helpful advice here.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed about social media, but the industry is changing so quickly — with Google Plus now tipped to overtake Twitter as the tool of choice — that all of us, really, are still learning. I’ll be drawing on my day job experience to share how-to’s aimed at demystifying and offering practical advice on building your profile and your platform online.

Whether you’re an author, agent, PR or other publishing industry professional, the tips may be useful. You can find the latest social media how-to’s here on the Space Kids Blog or sign up in the form here to the right, and I’ll drop you an email whenever I publish a new blog post.

Just leave a comment on any of the how-to blog posts if you’d like me to tackle a specific topic.